Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy week

It's been a busy couple weeks. Got a bad case of tendonitis in my wrists and the doc told me to lay off knitting for a while. Now there's a limit of how long I can keep away from knitting. In the midst of Sock Wars III, a lace stole was casted on. Since the project has a deadline (i.e. my cousin's wedding) it needed to be started. As of today, I have 24 rows of 416 done for the body. Methinks I need to knit faster.

The sock war socks are in the mail as of yesterday afternoon. Feel kinda bad that I didn't include any extra "gifts" in my parcel. Will send some along later this week hopefully. Just a matter of time before I receive mine in the mail. The lady doing my socks has been killing one person a week. She was originally assigned to my assassin's assassin. My assassin died last week. I think my killer socks are in the mail. The only thing delaying my death is Canada Post. :)

Work is crazy busy this week. 4 projects due this week. How the heck does this happen? Either nothing is due, or everything is due. Thank god one of the projects is pushed back another week.

Haven't had time to do much Orchid Society work. Heck, my plants I ordered from last month still have yet to be potted. Needless to say, they are not looking too hot right now.

Once I have a breather, I'll figure out how to post pictures to this blog thing.

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