Thursday, December 18, 2008


Unfortunately, it's not the edible kind. It's the kind one needs for their car, especially if their car has stock low profiles that suck in the snow. And when I mean suck, I mean REALLY suck.

Vancouver has gotten a lot of snow this year.... along with a lot of sub-zero temperature, which freezes the slush into sheets of ice overnight. Making it horrible for us folks to survive with just 1 set of all-season tires.

The boss needs me to deliver a proposal tomorrow to North Vancouver. We work near transit, so it's totally busable. Except transit will take ~1+ hr and driving will take <10 mins. With another snow fall due any day now, I did not want my car to be permanently abandoned at work until the spring so off I went in search of snow tires.

It was not an easy task. I think I called about 6 tire places, most of which didn't have any of the possible sizes in stock and the ones with possible sizes wanting $1400+ for them. Finally found a place that sold decent tires for a decent price (Volco Tires on Marine Dr) and went down there to get them put on. Now my car will drive like the other cars on the road - the other cars with all-season that are not low profile.

We'll see how well these tires end up working for me.

Knitting wise, one may have noticed I have many projects on the go. One of which is a cowl I hope to finish before this cold snap ends. Ha! I think that falls in with the shawl I wanted to finish in 1 month. Wish me luck.

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